iamstephihearmemeowstephi. 23. adelaide. feminist. lgbtqia ally. musical theatre enthusiast. i like cats and tea and books, which makes me pretty average these days. i'm a dreamer who fights for justice and sometimes, when i sing, people decide they want to listen to me. i am on a journey to become australia's next musical theatre star, and i'm hoping to start a revolution along the way.

also, i'm a little odd.

(the term "magnificent" is used very loosely.)

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basking in the glow



tell it girl

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"Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!"

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and the whole gang!! i’ll be making a couple more as custom requests, but these will be the stock for the shop i think!! they will all be in circular format on the pendants (like the top image), but the colour schemes and additional graphics will be the same!

there will be a very limited number of these available, so if you would like to buy one be sure to keep your eye out for the announcement post!

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After cheating in a race against Usain Bolt in 2012, Prince Harry tried to hide from him yesterday. Safe to say, Bolt remembers one particular thing about the Prince. 

"What’s the most awkward place you’ve been recognised?" x

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Thinking about Chris Evans like


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